Monday, 12 December 2016

Return of the a kitchen in a galaxy far, far away !

Its been a long time since I have posted on this blog mainly due to laziness. The whole blog thing seems so old fashioned now in the face of instagram, facebook and the like. However I have really missed posting my experiences with cooking professionally and at home. It was never meant to be a serious piece of food writing or a food photography work of art. For me it was just fun and a bit of an elaborate way of keeping a diary. So here I am starting again and intend to document the coming year which for me has many dreams but one especially to open some form of food business which I am going to document here to. Add to that I am going to do some food travel in order to open myself up to new ideas and culinary experiences so all in all it looks like 2017 is a year I am going to make things happen. Meanwhile here's a few snaps of the food I've been enjoying while I was away from blogger. 

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Monday, 11 April 2016

Turkey, Beetroot and Cumin Burger !

This is my favourite Turkey mince burger. The beetroot makes a bright colour to the pattie as well as Adding a great flavour to the meat. adding some cumin works really well to ! I had mine with a simple salad and a toasted pita pocket.

The recipe.

You can do this by hand but I like just putting everything in my little food processor which I brought from the supermarket for about £20.
So in my processor I placed 160 grams of turkey breast meat with 2 roughly chopped spring onions, a tsp of cumin seeds and 25 grams of cooked beetroot. Blitz until everything is well combined. Next add half a kallo chicken stock cube which you need to make into a paste.

Right you can shape this mix into a burger now or you can divide the mix in two and shape 2 smaller burgers and then you can place a laughing cow cheese triangle on one of them and then use the other burger as an almost pie lid. The idea is that the cheese is inside the burger and will gooy out when you bite into it.

Ok I know that's not a laughing cheese triangle but I had some low fat cheese, coriander and jalapeno mix left over from yesterday's lunch so I used that up. Im sorry but thats the chef in me as nothing goes to waste if you can help it in the kitchen.  Now all you have to do is cook it. I started mine off on my much beloved and used griddle pan and then finished it off in the oven. It took about 20 minutes.

I have to say for about 330 calories this was blooming lovely. I had it with a toasted pita, homemade spicy tomato sauce and a simple salad. Hope you try it someday...enjoy !