Monday, 11 April 2016

Turkey, Beetroot and Cumin Burger !

This is my favourite Turkey mince burger. The beetroot makes a bright colour to the pattie as well as Adding a great flavour to the meat. adding some cumin works really well to ! I had mine with a simple salad and a toasted pita pocket.

The recipe.

You can do this by hand but I like just putting everything in my little food processor which I brought from the supermarket for about £20.
So in my processor I placed 160 grams of turkey breast meat with 2 roughly chopped spring onions, a tsp of cumin seeds and 25 grams of cooked beetroot. Blitz until everything is well combined. Next add half a kallo chicken stock cube which you need to make into a paste.

Right you can shape this mix into a burger now or you can divide the mix in two and shape 2 smaller burgers and then you can place a laughing cow cheese triangle on one of them and then use the other burger as an almost pie lid. The idea is that the cheese is inside the burger and will gooy out when you bite into it.

Ok I know that's not a laughing cheese triangle but I had some low fat cheese, coriander and jalapeno mix left over from yesterday's lunch so I used that up. Im sorry but thats the chef in me as nothing goes to waste if you can help it in the kitchen.  Now all you have to do is cook it. I started mine off on my much beloved and used griddle pan and then finished it off in the oven. It took about 20 minutes.

I have to say for about 330 calories this was blooming lovely. I had it with a toasted pita, homemade spicy tomato sauce and a simple salad. Hope you try it someday...enjoy !

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Cheesy turkey Keema wrap.....Day 4 of the lower calorie and healthy food challenge !

Cheese I know is not good for you unless you're a mouse and even then it can be attached to a mouse trap and that ain't good for you neither !!! ha ha.

This little lunchtime treat is lower in calories than you think as it works out at about 350 calories per wrap including a nice big salad so I don't think over the course of your cut back week it's going to make any difference but I do tend to have them on a day I have been training.

Turkey keema Wrap with Cheesy, Jalapeno and Coriander melt !

Right you are going to need to make the Keema first and this portion I am giving you makes about 3-4 wraps,
In a pan with a little olive oil sweat off 1 diced onion, 1 chopped chili, 1 squashed garlic bulb about 7-8 Brussel sprouts which I just cut in half, about 60 grams of chopped mushroom and about 350 grams of Turkey breast meat. I try and cut down on my oil so when the pan starts to look dry I add about 100 mls of hot water and put my lid on my pan. This effectively steam's the contents and reduces the amount of oil I need.

Ok take your pan lid off and allow the water to evaporate out of the pan. Now add a Tbsp of tomato puree, 1 tsp of a very good quality curry paste and one kallo chicken stock cube and mix into your pan making sure you coat all the ingredients. Next add 400 grams of tinned chopped tomatoes and again stir well. At this point I chucked a few jalapenos into the pan to ! Why Culinary gangster Kev did you do that ? Dunno !?! ha ha !

Tsp of Balti curry paste. You can just use curry powder if you want to save a few more calories !

OK this will not take long to cook maybe about 8 minutes. Remember this is just Turkey breast mince and should be lovely and tender.

While this is cooking prepare your cheesy topping. All I did for this was to mix 40 grams of low fat cheese with about 4 or 5 pickled jalapeno's that I had finely chopped, the juice of half a small lemon and some fresh coriander leaves. I love coriander I use it all the time so I probably put a bit too much in but its up to you how much you put in. The cheese was just reduced calorie/fat Cathedral grated cheese but you can use anything again its up to you.

Its all in the mix !

Right your Keema is nearly ready all you need to do is add some frozen peas. I added about 70 grams and just stirred them in until they had defrosted. Right now assemble your wrap ! Place some of the mix on to the wrap and errrr wrap it ! ha If you want to know how to roll a wrap go on youtube and you will find a video I am sure probably next to the one on how to stip down an Uzi 9mm !!!!!

Try and do a better wrap than me please !

Now the fun bit. Take some of the cheese mix (remember this is for 3 to 4 wraps) and spread across the top of your wrap.

Ok its treat day so I might have used a bit too much of the mix, but to be fair and I never thought I would ever say this in my life it doesn't need a lot of cheese !!!
Now place in the oven set at about 180 degrees fan assisted until the cheese has melted and is all brownie and bubbly and gooey !!!

Wow...Oooooooo baby.....look at that ! Now stuff it in your gob ! I had mine with a nice red onion and tomato salad but it really doesnt need anything. You could make this at home and reheat in the microwave at work I am sure to....enjoy !

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Thai flavoured Cod and sweet potato squeak with crunchy salad and thai 2 of the 31 day healthier eating plan !

Sometimes you have something to eat and you think no I really don't fancy this and true it looks a bit well as if you had been eating it from the backseat of a car and the driver had suddenly had to slam their brakes on and then splat all over it goes ! ha ha But I have to say I really loved this. It was so fresh tasting and the crunchy salad went down a treat with the soft textured hash !

The recipe.

Right you need about,

100 grams of Cod. I steamed mine and then let it drain well.
100 grams of cooked sweet potato. I baked mine in the oven and then when cool scooped the amount of cooked sweet potato out I required.

OK in a mixing bowl mash the cooked Cod and Sweet potato together. Next add about half a finely sliced spring onion and about a tbsp of finely chopped coriander.

Now add the juice of half a lemon and 1 tsp and a bit (ha ha) of a decent Thai curry paste. (Yes I know its a cheat but this is the real world and not my pretentious foodie heaven world of normal lol)
combine all the ingredients well.

OK your ready to cook the mix. In a pan melt about a tsp of coconut oil. I don't mind Coconut oil but I love olive oil and from what I have read their isn't much difference in the goodness so I tend to stick to the Olive Oil for most things unless its something like a curry or as in this case a Thai influenced dish !

I try and shape my squeak into a cake shape and then plop it into my pan as everything is pretty much already cooked all your really doing is reheating the dish and for want of a more appetising word all your trying to do is scrap a few brownie burntie bits of the pan to add a bit more flavour ! after all as they say colour is flavour ! However as we are trying to reduce the calories in this you are not going to get much caramelisation as we have drastically reduced the amount of oil we would normally use.

OK while you are burning I mean cooking your squeak knock up your salad. I used,

A handful of beansprouts.
A handful of already prepared crunchy coleslaw mix.
A handful of ripped coriander.
1 roughly sliced spring onion.
half a slice of a pineapple ring which I had just finely sliced.
Combine these together in a bowl and then squeeze some more lemon or lime juice into the salad to give it some zing !!

The Thai cream was my old favourite of a tbsp of reduced fat Creme fraiche, more lemon juice and another tsp of the Thai paste. Just mix it all together and its done.

That's it Chef you just need to plate up your creation now ! Its another simple quick dish and it came out at about 300 calories again and as I said it made a super lunch time feed. The fragrant Thai flavours added to the lemon and pineapple that was running through the salad was a total joy ! I hope you try it.......enjoy !

Monday, 4 April 2016

Chicken with Mushroom 1 of 31 day lower fat and calorie cooking challenge !

Chicken with Mushroom,Thyme and Mustard sauce served with Swede puree, French beans and mangetout.

120 grams of mushrooms quartered.
1 garlic clove.
40 grams of diced onion.
10 grams of reduced fat creme fraiche.
1 kallo chicken stock cube made up to 350 mils.
1 tsp Dijon mustard.
160 grams of chicken breast.
125 grams of diced swede.
75 grams of french beans.
45 grams of mangetout

This is a lovely little dish with a quite superb sauce and the whole dish for one person is about 400 calories. It's lower in fat to !
OK you will need to get the swede on first. I cooked about 120 grams which I diced and just boiled in water until soft.
While this was cooking I started the sauce and basically I sweated off 40 grams of diced onion, 1 crushed garlic clove and 120 grams of mushrooms which I had quartered. When they were coloured a little bit I added 350mls of made up chicken stock using 1 kallo stock cube and 1 tsp of dried thyme. I then popped the lid on my pan. After about 5 minutes I removed the lid and reduced the stock by about two thirds which took about 10 minutes. I then removed a few of the mushrooms and put them to one side and then poured the remaining mixture into my blender to puree.

I then poured the puree back into the pan and added my Dijon mustard and reduced fat Creme fraiche.

I popped the quartered mushroom pieces back into the pan ! Sauce done.

Next get your chicken on. I love my griddle pan and when I cook with it I dont need any oil added when cooking most things using it.
Its just a cheap one from Asda but it does the job brilliantly. I like to cut my chicken through the middle as it cooks much quicker this way to.

Ok while your Chicken is cooking finish off the swede. I just drained it well and then got my stick blender into it to make a rough puree. You can add black pepper and salt and butter if you want ! But not if you're on a diet like me ha ha !

When your chicken is done let it rest for a few minutes. You can't rest though as you need to reheat your mangetout and french beans that you cooked off before. What I didn't tell you to before ? Ooops ha ha ! well you need to so maybe do it while the swede is cooking. They do not take very long just a few minutes in boiling water. To reheat my green veg I just tossed them into my griddle pan which had some nice bits of chicken flavour attached to it after cooking my chicken and just added a little bit of boiling water to it and they were reheated in about a minute.

Ok job done all you need to do is plate up ! I loved this sauce ! It would go with Beef or fish and you can add most herbs to it to ! Hope you like it if you try it.....enjoy !

Monday, 15 February 2016

Malteser Cheescake !

This quick and easy Cheesecake recipe is my favourite method of all the ones I have learned over the years. Ive used whipped egg whites before which made a very light cake and also used gelatin leaves to help hold the shape of the mix before. I don't have a sweet tooth but if I'm going to overload on a dessert other than cheese and biscuits then I probably would end up with a plate full of Cheesecake !

OK you will need a cake tin probably about 20 cm across.
250 grams of digestive biscuits.
130 grams of melted butter.
250 grams of Mascarpone
250 grams of Cream cheese
250 grams of whipped Double cream
125 grams of caster sugar
As many as u want of Malteser's which have been bashed up or crumbled into pieces its up to u how many u want to use.

Ok first make the base. Melt your butter and blitz in a processor or bash with a rolling pin your biscuits. Mix the butter into the biscuits and combine well. Then transfer the mix and spread out to cover the surface of your greased cake tin. Make sure you press it firmly with the back of a spoon to compact it together. Transfer the tin to the fridge and allow to set for about an hour. The base is dependent on you really as some people like a thin base others a nice thick biscuit base so add more biscuits if you want or less adjusting the amount of melted butter accordingly ! You also need to make sure you coat the biscuits well with the butter otherwise it will just break up when u cut into it.

Right while that is setting in the fridge you can start your filling.In a bowl whip your double cream until you have nice light soft peaks.

In your processor or in a bowl combine the Mascarpone, Cream cheese and sugar and then mix it into the the bowl containing the cream. Next add the bashed Maltesers I used about 4 of the small mini packets but its up to you.
When the base has firmed up after about an hour pour in the filling and push it out into the corners so you don't have any air pocket gaps around the edge of your cake. Sprinkle some more malteser pieces on top of the cake for decoration and place into the fridge for 2 hours for it so set.

And there you have it ! Quick and simple and very Moorish. I have just poured some melted chocolate on top to as it didn't seem to have enough calories already ha ha .......enjoy !